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Shank Manufacturing has extensive manufacturing capability in CNC Turning, Horizontal machining, Milling, Drilling, Threading, etc. With more than 75 machines, including the latest multi-turret multi-spindle CNCs. Shank expertly manufactures products holding tolerances in the tenths (.0001). Shank has the ability to support up through 7 to 9 axis machining, providing secondary operations, and testing including the manufacture of small intricate parts to large custom pieces. Shank’s machinists average 15 years of specialized experience. Your product will be in good hands with Shank Manufacturing.

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Shank has flexible delivery capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. Our capabilities allow Shank to respond to a broad spectrum of manufacturing needs. Our in-house Precision Engineering can respond to small custom orders, like prototypes, through large production runs in the 10’s of thousands of pieces. Shank works with clients to meet their demands whether they are multi-year manufacturing schedules, or one-off custom orders.

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Shank Manufacturing delivers this expertise as an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Certified organization.

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